About IDEA

IDEA works with young people from all over the world in communities with little or no history of debate or informed public discussion. We teach critical thinking, advocacy, conflict resolution, public speaking skills and the desire and capacity to look respectfully and rationally at other people’s points of view.

IDEA consists of three independent organizations in the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Together, these three offices have continued to foster an environment where opinions are challenged, ideas tested and conflicts resolved though rational arguments, not force.

IDEA creates local clubs and establishes independent debate associations throughout the world, offering young people the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge by voicing and critically examining issues that directly affect their lives.

We believe that debate is a valuable educational tool, not only because repeated studies have shown that it improves critical thinking, academic achievement, and public speaking, but also because it encourages the desire to engage in social and political issues from an informed and rational position. In teaching the skills essential for a balanced and worthwhile consideration of and contribution to any issue, we believe that debate is a lively and informative educational tool.

We believe that the skills acquired from even the most basic debate training are important, if not essential, for a valuable contribution to any part of a person’s professional, social and personal development.

To find out more about IDEA, visit our website.

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