Aston-Mansfield is a long established East London Charity with a significant youth p[programme.

We play a key role in tackling poverty, deprivation, disadvantage and powerlessness by providing an impressive range of cultural, sports, recreational and educational services within three programme strands:

  • Community Development focuses on providing projects and services which harness the considerable energy and commitment of the many groups and individuals working to better the community.
  • Healthy Living covers all aspects of an individual's mind, body and spirit and our services address the particular needs of our community, tackling local factors which contribute to health inequality.
  • Lifelong Learning promotes the concept that everyone has the potential to learn, grow and be an active part of the community regardless of age, background and ability.

We are based in east London with two community centres: Durning Hall in Forest Gate and The Froud Centre in Manor Park. Our centres provide the environment in which the community, at all levels and in all its guises, can come together and tap into the energy of Newham. They provide everything from, for example, office space for campaigning groups right down to a place for someone to drop in for coffee and a welcoming word.

Our vision is that east London will have the diversity and community wealth to create a vibrant inclusive society. Our mission is to develop the community wealth of east London and promote a diverse and inclusive society in which all are free to participate.


Fight for Peace (FFP)

We use boxing and martial arts combined with education and personal development to realise the potential of young people in communities that suffer from crime and violence.


Born in 2000, FFP originated in the favelas (shantytown) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where high levels of poverty, exclusion and a lack of social services has led to child and adolescents involvement in crime, gun violence and gangs. Since its establishment in 2000, together with young people on the project, FFP has developed an integrated prevention and rehabilitation model to confront the problem of child and youth participation in crime, violence and gangs. This includes sports and competition, education, employability, support services and youth leadership.

FFP’s 20 Youth Council members provide a pivotal function at the project where they represent the wider group of Academy participants to ensure their voice is heard in relation to project developments and the quality of provision.  Additionally they work alongside the staff team via team meetings, Trustee meetings, funder assessments (and in many more capacities) and input into the ongoing shape of the project.